Software House Indonesia By BridgeTech Technology

The most powerful resources in our company are the people. Our people highly have a big passion in their own skill. The people in our company is the biggest asset we have, they have a big dream in us, they have a lot of creativity. Giving solution for our client’s needs is our favor.

Our 5 Principles

1. Open mind

We are open for any feedback from our clients. This is the thing that makes us great.
We also open for cooperation ideas that make us growth, go together and reach the goals.

2. Delegate

Everybody has different skill and talents, so we don’t push everyone to take many tasks as one. A focus is everything to make all things excellent and professional.

3. Integrate

We care for a detail thing. Everything must be integrated so we can do the task together.

4. Improve

As we know that everybody has an expectation, that’s why we always suggest the best way for our client.
We fulfill the needs and not only that, we offer the other solutions.

5. Accelerate

Speed is everything, we can’t move slow in this era. We will work smarter, harder and faster to make our client happy.

Management Team

Kelvin Alexander

as a CMO, Kelvin is responsible in Create a solid network of strategic partnerships, generating new client and project, and create a long term cooperation

Ari Christian

as a COO, Ari are responsible forDesigning and implementing business operations
Establishing policies that promote company culture and vision
Overseeing operations of the company and the work of executives

Yoses Aditya Pradipta
Product Officer

as a Product Officer, Yoses is responsible for Product Development at Bridgetech

Celine Magdalena
Finance Officer

as a Finance Officer, Celine is responsible for Financial Management at Bridgetech

Zuzetta Elisabeth
HR Officer

as a HR Officer, Zuzetta Is responsible for HR management at Bridgetech

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