How to create a website for your online store

How to create a website for your online store

In the last article, we have covered about e-commerce and online store (toko online). What is e-commerce and online store (toko online), how it affects market especially in Indonesia, what is the new trend of e-commerce, etc. We also give you several famous e-commerce platforms in Indonesia. Now in this article, we want to inform you how to create a website (platform) for your online store (toko online). Before we start, we believe you already know how much valuable your online store (toko online) is right? Maybe some of you already have a store on Instagram, Facebook, Carousell, etc. Maybe you joined a giant e-commerce platform like Blibli, Lazada, MatahariMall, etc. It is all good, then why you need a website then? For us to answer that question, we will give you some illustration, for example you have a physical store located in one of the biggest mall in your city. The business is good, many people come to the mall and of course visit your store and buy some stuff. One day something happened to the mall, all the tenants including you must close your store. In just one day, you must close your business and have to start over somewhere. If it can happen to the physical store, it also can happen to online store (toko online). After all the only difference between online and physical store is the platform. Imagine if one day one of your platform for your store is shut down, you have to start over again in the new platform. So why you need a website for your online store (toko online)? It is for SAFETY MEASURE.

Build your own website or online store (toko online)

Now let’s get down to the business. There are actually many ways for you to create your own website. We will make it simple for you by divide it into two categories. You can use best practice or simple practice to create your own website. Before you choose which practice you want to use, you first have to know what will you use this website for? Will you use it for personal reason like blogging for fun or you want to use your website to build your own business? Obviously with different reason you also have to choose a different practice. We are talking about the most efficient practice for you to use.

Simple Practice

Of course, as the name suggest simple practice is simple way to start your own website. There are a lot of platform that provide service for this kind of practice. We believe you have hear or see or even use one of it. One of the most famous platform for this practice is WordPress. Many people out there using this practice mainly for fun. You don’t have to a certain IT knowledge to make one. You can simply read the instruction, follow it, or if you still cannot figure it out, Youtube is always there to help you. There are tons of video on how to build a website using WordPress or anything that is similar to it. You can use this way to create a website in just less than one day. There are a lot of themes you can choose, plugins, pictures, etc. All you have to do is read a little, spend a little time on it, choose the theme and it is done. Simple practice is like a fast food in the website world. There are many people here using this kind of way to create their own website. As we told you before, this people usually use website for fun. They want to write something, or share something in their personal website, maybe some people don’t really comfortable with social media, so they choose to create a website instead. While it is true that you can still conduct a business by using a simple practice (after all simple practice is still a practice) there is not much you can do. Mostly people will join an affiliate program, put the link in their website, or pay per click and pay per action program. You see this people don’t sell their own product, they just advertise other’s product using their personal website.

Best Practice

Best practice, like the name said, it is the best way to create a website for your business, for your online store (toko online). There are also a lot of ways to use it for creating a website. Maybe some of you already know what best practice is, or maybe already use it. This practice basically uses ASP to enable you to use Angular, PHP, Golang, etc. For the first timer or you that are not from IT field or not familiar with the IT terms, don’t worry, we will explain it for you in the simple way. ASP is abbreviation for Active Server Pages. You can say that ASP is the skeleton or the framework of a website. It will enable you to create a website based on the programming language that you choose to use. The next thing is Angular, PHP, Golang and many more. This is basically a language that you can choose for you to use. After you have ASP, you can start working on these languages to create a website. There are many languages choice available and each and every one of it have special purpose, advantages and also downsides. As you can see, even just from the terms we can know that this is not easy. You have to spend a lot of time by doing it on your own. You also can choose to hire people if you don’t have time, just hire an IT company to help you make website for your business. Yet, why we still call it the best practice? It is because you can do much more than using a simple practice. Technology wise, you will have more advance technology for your website comparing to simple practice. You can create a real personal website, everything is customized according to you and your business needs. Like the food, fast food is nice and all, but still home-cooking food is always the best. Whatever your business is, make it more personal will always end up looking more professional.


Your online shop (toko online) is like an investment. While you can invest on the simple practice, yet it is always the best to invest on the best practice. Simple practice is easy to use but also not as secure as best practice, because it is easy to use and a lot of malware. Best practice is lighter than simple practice and we believe you and your potential client want to open a lighter website right. We hope you now can choose which practice is the best for you. Simple practice is for fun website only, but for serious business website, your online store (toko online) best practice is the answer.
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