E-commerce a new way of shopping

E-commerce a new way of shopping

E-commerce in trend

So have you ever heard about E-commerce and that some people or even many people are complaining? They are complaining that the market nowadays is bad, it is hard to make a sale, the business is going down. We can hear that every day, just ask one of the owner of one random store at the street, and you will have your answer as stated. Is the business really going down? The answer is NO. Many economists said that in Indonesia business is blooming. So why a lot of people said that the business is bad, is going down then? The answer is simple; they don’t follow the new trend in the market. E-commerce is a new trend in the market in Indonesia, even around the world. In Indonesia itself, people are considering e-commerce as the most strategic economic sector nowadays.

What is it?

E-commerce is basically people selling and buying online. It can be in many forms, people selling and buying things throughout the internet. In Indonesia only, the people that have an access to internet is already 143 million of people, that means more than a half of Indonesia population has an access to the internet. It is estimated that 120 million of Indonesian have been visited the top ten e-commerce platform in Indonesia. E-commerce is not only goods, but it can include services as well. The old ways to do the online shopping is through email and now technology is developed rapidly, thus we can find online store (toko online) everywhere on the web. We can also find many E-commerce platforms such as Blibli, Lazada, Amazon, etc.

Latest E-commerce trend

Online store (toko online) is the latest trend in the e-commerce business. You can find thousands of stores online on the internet. Even you can find one in the social media like facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. They sell almost everything online, you can find food, beverage, book, music instrument, kitchen equipment, car, anything, literally anything that you need, it just a click away. The reason why so many people change to online store (toko online) is because it is cheaper to start one, and they also have a bigger market. This market is many times bigger that the old, traditional one. The people in Indonesia is not only buy gadgets and fashion goods online. Now they use online platform to buy food, phone credit, tickets like train, sport match, concert and even cinemas, more over they are also paying insurance through online platform. There is even some experiment conducted to see how people in Indonesia behave towards online shopping. 83,1% of correspondence said they go to offline store and then go back to online store to buy it online. They said it is because in online platform you can find a lot of promotions or discount or even cashback.

What all of this mean?

We can say that E-commerce really steal the business highlight. Offline shops are slowly fade away because people choose the online one. People always try to find what is the most convenience for them and online store score more points in this than offline store. The conclusion is some people that doesn’t really follow the business trend and then get left behind, the business is not going down or even dying. E-commerce is a great platform for you to start your business, or if you already have one, it is good to start expanding your business online. You can start your online store (toko online) for free on the social media, or if you want to try another market you can choose any, there are a lot of choices available. You can start now for if you are waiting you will be left behind.
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