Internet of Things (IoT) is the interconnected environment of physical devices, vehicles, buildings and any kind of items that is augmented with electronics, software, sensor, actuators and network connectivity capable of identifying themselves and autonomously communicating data to others on the network.


The interconnectivity of these embedded devices is expected to herald the automation in a nearly every fields such as:

  1. Smart home technology that enables you to control your air climate, your lights, even or closet and ultimately save your electricity bill.
  2. Signal beacon that transmit information on the spot to connected smart device within the range, which make marketing and customer service even more effective.
  3. Field operation devices that assist firefighters in search and rescue operations.


The IoT allows these items to integrate from real world into computer based system and vice versa. This results in a network of embedded devices that actively participate in a variety of business processes and ultimately leads to

  1. bolstered customer services
  2. increased revenue
  3. more sustainable use of resources
  4. more accurate marketing insight
  5. enhanced productivity
  6. improved maintenance
  7. reduced human intervention and with that, human error among others.


If you want your house, building or city control inside your smartphone, please feel free to ask us.