Online store a game changer in business

Online store a game changer in business

Online store (toko online), who doesn’t know about it nowadays. Millions of people are selling and buying goods and services there every day. Here are the top ten of online store (toko online) in Indonesia according to IlmuOne Data : Lazada, Blibli, Tokopedia, Elevania, MatahariMall, Shopee, Bukalapak, Zalora, Qoo10, and Blanja. There are almost 120 million of people of total digital population there, and it is absolutely not a small number. Outside this ten, you can find millions of online store (toko online) almost everywhere on the internet. You can mainly find it on social media like facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

Some Brief History

Let us see Three big company history before we move on to the next part. First we have Blibli, one from top ten online (toko online) store in Indonesia. Blibli start at 2011, but the idea is coming out in 2010 when they see there is a big potential in e-commere business in Indonesia. They said that 50% of Indonesian are young man and they can adapt easily with new technology such as e-commerce platform. The second one is Tokopedia, also one of the largest online store (toko online) in Indonesia. Start in 2009 with the hard work of their CEO, William Tanuwijaya. He wants online platform to be a safe platform for people to do their business, because at that time there is a lot of crime related to online platform, mainly for buying and selling goods online. The third one is MatahariMall, the online store (toko online) that start from offline stores. Matahari realize there is a great potential in the online market, so they follow the trend and create MatahariMall. They even have the O2O (Online-to-Offline dan Offline-to-Online) system that is supported by their offline store.  

The Future of Online Store

We can see that the market is already shifted, from offline to online and it will be developing more advance in the near future. Mobile wallet is also become a trend now to support people in buying and selling online. So now it’s still not too late to start your business online, as you can predict that almost all market will soon go to online platform.  

The Reasons

The very first reason why you should try build your own online store (toko online) because there is really a big market to invest. You know now that the number of people that use this platform is not something to overlook right. There is really a big chance for you to start one to and success in the business by using this platform. The second one is you can start with a lower budget than the physical store. You don’t need to rent a space for your store. The next thing is you don’t need to waste your time to go to your store, open it, wait for the customer all day, and close the store at the end of the day. You also don’t need to waste your energy. Just sit back and relax at your home while waiting for your customer. The third one is you can start right away! You can start your store from your social media, it’s totally free. You also can start to sell your own preloved items, or maybe your arts, or you are an expert at something, then become a consultant. There are millions of possibilities for you, just be creative and you can find one. Online store (toko online) is a total game changer in business. It is a new hype among people, not only young one, but senior one is also follow this trend. It’s time to advance from the old traditional market place into a new digital market.
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