Online Store as Good Investment (Pt.1)

Online Store as Good Investment (Pt.1)

As we know that in order to secure your investment in online store (toko online) you have to create your own website. It is what we do to have a safety measure in case of the online e-commerce platform that we use is being shut down. There are two practices in making website, simple practice and best practice. If you want to know about the difference between those two, you can refer to our “How to create a website for your online store” article. In this article we will focus on the best practice. Best practice is all the way better than simple practice because we can customize our website as we wish. While it is true best practice is more time consuming, but why not invest in this to achieve the better result. We have to write our own website using the programming language out there in order to make a website. There are many ways, or we can say many languages to create your own website for online store (toko online).

Best programming language for online store?

Ok, maybe some of you here questioning what is the best programming language for my website? The best programming language for my online store (toko online)? The answer is none, by none we mean that we cannot decide this one is the best and that one is not good. Each programming language has its own merit, we can choose which one we want to use according to our needs.

The basic three

We will tell you eight programming language that might be useful for you, to help you create your website. The first one is of course HTML. We can say that HTML is the most popular foundation of the website. HTML is dealing with the appearance of the website, then you can embed another language to control its behavior. The second one is Javascript, one of the language that can be embed on HTML. This language is famous for its dynamic nature. Javascript is accepted by most top web browser. We can say that it is the important programming language among web designer and developer. CSS is also one of the language you can embed on HTML. The function of CSS is to create a visual of the website. It can help user to load the page faster because it is lighter. CSS can also be use independently from HTML, making it easier to maintain a website.

The other five

The fourth is Python! No, we are not talking about some dangerous noodles here, it is the name of the language. Even though Python is quite a scary name, but it is famous for its efficiency and also readability. Some said that Python is one of the easiest language among others. PHP, the fifth programming language that we will tell you. This one is also a simple programming language that many new developers use. PHP can make you feel more private as the code is executed on the server and user has no way to find out what the code is. You just have to make yourself used to the unique style that PHP has. Next, we have MEAN. As the name suggest, it is really mean programming language. MEAN is a combination of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node.js. it is still new compared to others programming language, yet it is already popular due to dynamic nature like Javascript. After all those four is all written in Javascript. Seventh one we have Java, it is different from Javascript. This language is accepted in all web browsers, make it one the most popular among web developer. Many people said that it is the most powerful language in debugging. Many of the e-commerce developer choose to use this. The last one we have Ruby on Rails. The programming language that was released in early 2000 and gain popularity ever since. Ruby on Rails is popular to customize a complex website design.


For online store (toko online) those are eight programming language that people normally use to create and develop their website. As we said earlier, there is no the best programming language in this world. It is all depends on you and your needs. You can always choose what is the best for you.  
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