Technology, what is it actually?

Technology, what is it actually?

Are you familiar with it?

Ok so we believe all of you here are familiar with it. The fact that you are read this article now is a proof enough that you are familiar with technology. So, if you are familiar with it, can you answer this “what technology is?”. Because a lot of people use technology every day in their daily life, but do not really understand what it is. We will help you to answer the question. To put it simple, it is a tools that human use, yes as simple as that. Maybe the first human on earth using his hands to do everything, then we steadily growing. For example we start from rocks, continue to woods, and then bronze and iron. As our intelligent grows up, we are evolving and our tools are also improving. We always want to make our lives better and more efficient in many ways, so that is the reason why we also improving our technology.

It is always something better, something to improve

As great as it is, it has some other greater effect! Without we realize it or not, as we improve our technology, that very same technology is also improving us, make us try to think even greater one. It is a never-ending-way as long as we, human lives. When we make axe, we will start to think more. We think like how to improve this axe to be more effective or what more what we can do using this. It is always like that and it will be always the same. Technology is not only improving us in the manner that we stated before, but it also makes our life easier. It is the very purpose why human create and develop technology in the first place. Amazingly, our lives 10 years ago would be very different with our current lives. It took merely 10 years or less for us to feel the great effect from technology.

The modern one

If someone ask what do you think when I say modern technology? What cross on your mind in the first second someone ask you that question? We believe that the first thing that cross your mind is computer. The first digital electronic calculating machine is actually being develop during world war II. What is the relation between digital electronic calculating machine with computer? We can say that the digital electronic calculating machine is the ancestor of all computer. Without that machine it is impossible for us to have a computer, let alone smart phone.

How technology affect our lives

Our lives change a lot since we have a better technology. In the past it is really hard for us to even take the picture of our food or ourselves, yes selfie! Now we can see it almost everywhere right. Many people let their phone or their camera taste the food and drink first before their own tongue, even let the food become a little bit cold or even soggy for the sake of taking a good picture. Selfie? Please don’t ask, we believe that there are more selfies on Instagram than stars on the night sky. So you like it or not, it will always be improving, our part is to improve as well, so we can make the best out of it. We will be left out if we cannot improve ourselves and eventually we will miss many things. In conclusion, we hope that through this article you got some new insight or maybe some inspiration regarding technology. It is clear that technology is really close to us, we use it every day to help us improving ourselves. So let us keep improving ourselves and our technology to help us have a better future.
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