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Nowadays, people look for simple and efficient process but create good results. Xamarin Developer Indonesia is our part of solution.

Working smart is the new working hard. Today smartphones and tablets have transformed the entire corporate landscape. They allow data collected from field workers to be converted into information in real-time. The adoption of smart devices and enterprise mobility solutions is helping businesses across the board cut operational costs, take instant and informed decisions and improve efficiency in their supply chain. In short, to remain relevant and competitive you can’t say ‘No’ to enterprise apps. But with so many app frameworks and platforms to choose from, how do you overcome the puzzle. The answer lies in Xamarin app development, and there are good reasons to put your money here.

Xamarin has a future especially after Microsoft acquired it and now has been free. And that a great advantage because Xamarin developers before passed by many challenges such as lack of resources and support. But now with Xamarin you can.

1- Build native applications.
2- Xamarin become free.
3- Microsoft support.
4- Resources will be free and more than before.
5- Shorter learning curve.
6- Lower cost (Because companies will not hire new mobile developers for iOS and Android just will depend on their .NET C# developers).

Beside Xamarin is a Microsoft product. It is a cross-platform software, i.e platform independent software. It is one of the finest app development and creation software. Xamarin provide its best xamarin developers indonesia a single platform to create app for OS like ios, android and windows. It uses C# (C sharp) as its code base. C# is one of the best language for developing any app as it is very simple and easy to use. Xamarin have some amazing products:

Xamarin Visual Studio: Visual studio is an awesome apparatus for making an alluring ios, android or windows application. It is additionally used to plan a staggering User Interface(UI) for ios and android. Visual studio gives a solitary stage to composing a code and outlining the UI for an application.

Xamarin Test recorder: Xamarin Test recorder is a propel instrument that records every single movement of the client for an application experiencing the test. It consequently produces and store the UI test scripts, you should simply associate the test recorder to your favored ios or android gadget. In the wake of creating all the UI scripts, you can trade them to the test cloud, here you can pick, the gadgets and number of gadgets on which you wish the test to be performed.

Xamarin Test Cloud: Xamarin test cloud permits its clients to test their application on more than 2000 genuine gadgets supporting ios, windows and android. It permits a stage where the clients can see every one of the reports identified with bugs and execution issues. It gives the subtle elements of every single fizzled test, fizzled step, execution, time slipped by, memory and CPU use for an application utilizing flawlessly produced diagrams and charts.

Xamarin Developer Indonesia

Xamarin Developer Indonesia

Embracing Xamarin Cross Platform development is less of a process shift and more of a revolution to maximize the return on investment and time savings possible. Native Development for every mobile operating system between design and development must fall to conceptualize and build cross-platform experiences which translate intuitively across iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. All project members, not just the technologists, must have an intimate understanding of the capabilities and limitations each platform.

For information system mobile application, we suggest you use Xamarin Cross Platform development. It will help business grow faster, also for any changes needed, one code is for all platform. Our Xamarin Developer as simply Build the code using C# programming from Microsoft make the development faster and easier. It’s simply use the same IDE, language, and APIs everywhere.

  • Native UI, native API access, and native performance
  • Anything you can do in Objective-C, Swift, or Java you can do in C# with Xamarin
  • Ship cutting-edge apps with same-day support for new OS releases

Xamarin’s core competitive advantage is not in competition with the (.NET Core) class libraries, SDKs and server frameworks being open sourced by Microsoft Support. Xamarin’s competitive advantage is in the ecosystem of development and testing tools as well as infrastructure that supports cross-platform mobile development, testing and monitoring. Xamarin marvelously simplifies creation of native apps on iOS and Android using C# (now F# also). The pace of innovation at Xamarin is breathtaking. There is nothing quite like it to enable cross-platform development of native mobile applications with Microsoft’s flagship programming language at its core and the incredible productivity allowed by Microsoft’s and 3rd party tool set.

Xamarin Platform has a good benefits such as:

  • The Mono framework integration works. Yes, you really can use C#, linq, Lists, Generics and -most- of your beloved .net stack
  • Growing ecosystem. The components library keeps improving and getting more and more useful stuff.
  • Growing project  and community. I don’t know of course the internal situation of the company, but seems that the Xamarin project is alive and has future. There are continuous  developer meetings in cities all around the world and they keep pushing new improvements in the product. Xamarin Developer Indonesia can also join the university and communities.
  • Microsoft seems to start to seriously support the project.

Do you know Xamarin Evolve 16 corporate event took place — the largest cross-platform mobile event in the world, where over 1,500 developers, industry leaders and Xamarin experts converged to advance the state of the art, discuss mobile strategy and define the future app design. We are one of Xamarin Developer Indonesia.

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